To Live is Christ…

The church in Philippi was the first Jesus community that Paul started in eastern Europe. After Paul had moved on, those who became followers of Jesus continued to suffer persecution, but they remained a vibrant community, faithful to the way of Jesus.

Paul sent this letter to them during one of his many imprisonments for a very practical reason. The Philippians had sent one of their members, Epaphroditus, to take a financial gift to Paul and to support him in prison. Paul sent this letter back with Epaphroditus to say thanks for the generous gift and to address the community.

This letter retells the story of the Messiah’s incarnation, life, death, resurrection, and exaltation. In each of the letter’s sections, Paul shows how living as a Christian means seeing your own story as a lived expression of Jesus’ story.

Join us for this 4 week series as we learn from Paul’s instructions to the church at Philippi on how to truly live!

9:00 (also online) or 10:30am!