Nehemiah’s story…

Nehemiah was a man of character who loved and feared God.
He was a high-ranking official in the Persian king’s court. Nehemiah was a person of prayer who risked his life of power, privilege and luxury to bring stability, reform and spiritual awakening to the people of Jerusalem. He was a person who understood that his life belonged to God and he lived his life for the pleasure and purposes of God.

Through the leadership of Nehemiah, God rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem, allowing the leaders to bring both social reform and spiritual awakening. This allowed Jerusalem to grow into a great city and preserved the line of Abraham so that God’s promise to Israel could be fulfilled: to Jerusalem would come the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Nehemiah is an excellent example of a person who lived his life well. He was asked to make great sacrifices and to lead in very confused times, much like ours. What is God asking you to rise up and rebuild and restore in your life?


Sept. 10 – Broken

Sept. 17 – Perspective

Sept. 24 – First Fruits

Oct. 1 – Problems and a Plan

Oct. 8 – Restoration

Oct. 15 – Overcoming Opposition

Oct. 22 – Legacy

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