Weekly Prayer List


Heather Bankowski’s grandmother, Bev, is home following rehab from a stroke.  Prayers for her as she lived independently and also for her upcoming surgery on August 19th.

Prayer Request

Kathryn Vint’s father has returned home from rehab.  He is continuing to receive services.  Please keep Kathryn’s Dad and Mom in your prayers.

Austin Richardson began basic training in the Army last week.

-Prayers for Jacqueline Murphy as she will be going to Africa for a mission trip on July 25th through August 6th.

Don and Sandy Siegel’s daughter, Becky is in need of prayers as her cancer has returned.  There is a possibility for treatments.

Brett Lardi’s dad has been diagnosed with mesothelioma.  He will begin chemo treatments.

Todd Reische continues with therapy for his shoulder.  Prayers for continued progress.

Jeri Siron’s aunt fell and fractured her pelvis in three places.  She is currently in rehab.

Wayne and Jane Lloyd’s son-in-law is having serious health issues.

Alicia Conard asking for prayers for her step-father, Tom Landon, battling ALS.

-Please continue to pray for Donna Orr with her  physical pain and intermittent illness associated with her MS.

-Prayers for our missionaries, Chad and Kameren Dalton, Genova, Italy;  Marcelo, Brazil;  Todd and Tonja Hancock, Mexico.

-Family members and friends touched by cancer:   Jeff Harris,  Augie Watson’s father;  Phil Zink;  Jeff Bankowski’s mother;   Ken Kugel, brother-in-law of Janelle Van Heiden; Phil Zink

 -Family members in service:  Brandon Paulsen (Don and Carolyn Henke’s grandson);  Deric Punke, Doug Punke-Bendt’s brother, Marines; Dan and Stephanie Gibbs, Tracey Shurtz’ nephew and wife, Navy;  Brenda Donnelly’s grandson.

-Family members in the nursing home:  Dick Gilchrist, Donna Gilchrist husband and Barb Spelde’s dad, LaSalle; Bruce Egeland, Tina Sistek’s brother-in-law, Wilmington. Louise Nelson, Sid Nelson’s mother, at Park Pointe in Morris; Wayne Lloyd’s mother at Park Pointe.





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