Growth Groups

We hope you will join a Growth Group. These groups meet either in homes or at the church building for study, prayer and fellowship time.
Growth Groups are where the deepest and most authentic relationships at New Community are grown. Our hope is that you would connect with others so you can grow spiritually in the context of authentic community.
Please see below for group meeting times and locations. If you are interested in joining a group, have questions, or if you are not sure which group is the right fit, contact Pastor Jake: or contact the group leaders directly and they will be happy to assist you.



6:00 - Co-Leaders: Nick and Linda Kinsella Contact: 815. 474. 3887



6:30 - Co-Leaders: Brian and Susie Stone Contact: 815. 545. 4465




6:30 - Co-Leaders: Joe and Erica Blumberg Contact: 815. 474. 8011



6:00 - Co-Leaders: Joe and Tammy Baetzel Contact: 815. 302. 7132



6:30 - Co-Leaders: Tim and Lorrie Craten Contact: 815. 715. 5959